Georgian Opinion Research Business International (GORBI) is the result of a growing interest in public opinion and market research in the region of the Caucasus including Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Our goal is to assist businesses and organizations by providing the most reliable and relevant information about the Caucasus region and to work with clients through every stage of the research process.

Georgian Opinion Research Business International is the only Western-standard and Western quality-controlled research organization available in the Caucasus region. GORBI has been a proud and exclusive member of the Gallup International Association since 2003. Furthermore, GORBI maintains a full-service research facility and engages in the production of all components necessary for effective research strategies including data analysis, statistics, questionnaire design and translation, code books, reports, etc.

GORBI offers a full line of research strategies including survey research, group discussions, in-depth interviews, and desk research, as well as a vast array of market and consumer research options including brand awareness studies, usage and attitude studies, and market development studies.