Research Methods

GORBI has wide experience in the most advanced qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and offers its clients complete and customized solutions


  • Focus-groups
  • F2F interviews
  • Mystery shopping research


  • Telephone interviews
  • CAPI interviews
  • PAPI interviews



GORBI has pioneered the use of GPS methodology in the Caucasus, Central Asia, Moldova, and Belarus, and has provided a real-time data collection method. GORBI has also developed special software that synchronizes GPS readings with interview IDs, times of conducted interviews, and other important variables. The firm is proud to be the first research company in this region to use GPS devices during fieldwork. GORBI maintains over two hundred netbooks and tablets in Georgia that serve as hardware for their proprietary programs known collectively as GORBI Computer Assisted Entry from the field, record interview timing, and integrate directly with our GPS devices. GORBI collects data in several countries, providing software solutions to its field partners. Data is channeled to Georgia at GORBI’s HQ server room. GORBI has recently overhauled its entire IT infrastructure in order to create a safer and more secure data warehouse. This includes a new secure server room only accessible to upper management and IT staff and an advanced firewall with VPN tunneling technology that allows for data to be safely transferred over a secure connection to in-house servers. The system is monitored 24/7 to assure maximum performance and security.